how to save and print a zoomed portion of an image

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How can I take a photo and zoom one portion of it, save it and then print that zoomed section? I tried resize and I tried crop but they save the original. It seems that the zoom + or - buttons on both of those filters do not hold the change of the zooming, when I hit process the photo still looks like the original. Thanks for the help.
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BatchPhoto does not have any printing capabilities so all you can do is improvise by using the Crop filter and cutting a portion of the photo in the hope that your printing program will scale that portion to a full page size.

After cropping an image with BatchPhoto you need to look at the processed image and see the result. If the resulting image is the same as the original tell me what settings are you using.

The visual zoom is just for previewing the photo from inside BatchPhoto, you need to use a graphical filter (Step 2 > Add Filter) to make changes on all the photos added in Step 1.

Please let me know if there is something else.
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I was playing around with the functions and I never though about cropping ever. Pretty easy set up by the way. :) I'm sure a number of users are wondering about this too(Zooming a portion of a photo). Image
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