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I just realized that when I add text to my photos & then process with Batch Photo, the size is reduced to 3 mb or less. The originals are 6-10 mb. I do not want the size reduced. What am I doing wrong. I have checked the settings and have it set to keep photos in the original format. I do not find anything on adding text where I adjust the size. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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This is because you save your resulting images as JPG and JPG losses some image data with each edit. This is not something related to BatchPhoto but to the JPG image format.

There is no loss in resolution as measured in pixels but only a loss in image data which is indistinguishable with the naked eye.

Here is how you can prevent this from happening:
1. Save your resulting images as PNG or TIFF which are lossless formats (Step 3 > Output Format > PNG)
2. Improve the quality of your saved JPG images. Firstly select JPG from the Output Formats then: Step 3 > Format > Settings > Increase Size/Quality)
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