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I can't seem to get this feature to work, I only get a 1 page pdf.
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One of the problem can be that you don't have enough free space in memory to process all the photos.
Go to Step 2 and add a Resize filter with a width of 800 and a height of 600.
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Dear User,

BatchPhoto creates a PDF file from multiple images by loading all the images in memory then writing the resulting PDF file. So if you have many images with large resolutions (like digital photos) it will soon run out of memory and this will produce a system lock or crash of BatchPhoto.

However this is a known problem and the solution is rather simple. Besides the normal steps you already made for creating a PDF document, you need to add a Resize filter in Step 2 and specify a width of 1024 for example. This will allow you to create a PDF file with dozens or even hundreds of images, depending on the size of your computer memory.

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