Rotating images/pictures with BatchPhoto

You don't have to rotate your images/photos one at a time when you can rotate dozens of them at once. With BatchPhoto photo editor is easy to rotate dozens of images/pictures in one operation.

Get you job done faster in just three easy step:

  • Step 1 - Compile a list of photos/pictures that you want to rotate
  • Step 2 - Select and configure the Rotate graphical filter from almost 40 graphical filters that BatchPhoto has (including resize, crop, annotate and many more)
  • Step 3 - Setup and process pictures

But why not try for free the fully-featured trial version of BatchPhoto and see if it's the right tool for you? To download the trial just left-click on the "Try it Free" button below!

Rotate filter settings explained:

  • Use the Rotate Left and Rotate Right buttons to rotate the photos with 90 degrees in the left (counter-clockwise) direction respectively the right (clockwise) direction
  • If you need to rotate your photos with a specified number of degrees (not only in 90 degrees increments) you can use the Degrees slide-bar to select the desired rotation angle
  • The output can be seen in preview in the " Modified Image" preview windows. The preview window will update itself automatically, every time the user changes the settings
  • The default settings can be restored by pressing the Reset button in the bottom-left corner of the filter's window

BatchPhoto photo editing software is not limited to rotating images, there are almost 40 graphical filters that you can use to perform adjustments on dozens of pictures at the same time.

Note: BatchPhoto runs on all Windows® operating systems with almost any hardware configuration.